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More Weight Reduction Tips from Slim Guard
Posted On : 02 Jan 2015


In the last blog we have discussed few tips to lose weight. Here are few more tips for slimming.

Tips number 3

Have a picture of what you want to become be there always in your mind.

Visualization of you achieving the weight loss is extremely important for the result. Do take the help of computer graphics to paint a picture of yours in the new shape. Hang it on all the places like your bedroom, toilet, diningroom , your mobile phone and as a screen saver in your computer. Let that picture of yours be there always in your mind. Don’t loose hope when you see your mirror image. It is just a matter of time to get into shapen. But do strongly hold that picture in your mind at least for six months to get the best result. Also visualize you avoiding junk foods, skipping dinner, having a grand breakfast etc.

Tip number 4

Always ask for help…
I mean whenever you come across people who are thin, and people who have cut down their weight recently, do ask them how do they achieve it? Tell them that you are also trying to reduce your weight, ask for help from them, they will be more than happy to help you out with their own tried and tested tips.

More such tips and information coming in the next blog post. Keep Following our articles. Thank You…

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best fat burner in india

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