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Slim Guard is the best Slimming pills in india. It is a 100% natural and Ayurvedic Solution and work as stomach reducer and abdomen reducer.It is a herbal product ,developed by experts from the classical texts of Ancient Ayurveda to help overweight people to get rid of their extra weight and regain slim body shape, without side effect. Slim guard will boosts your metabolic rate and cure the disorders caused by overweight body. Slim Guard is a fat burner for reducing weight. It makes slimming an easy task. Slim guard slimming pills is one of the best ayurvedic slimming tablets in India. One can use this weight loss capsule without any hesitation because it have no side effects and it is a natural product from herbasium. It is a natural ayurvedic diet pills which receives good feedback from all over.

Montana, Glycosmis Bridelia Pentaphylla, Medoghna Gana, Crataeva Nurvala etc are the slim guard ingredients which helps to eliminate the harmful residues, increase metabolic rate,strengthen immunity, glow skin and helps to burn unwanted fat quickly. It makes your body Fit and Healthy with zero side effect.

Slim guard is from the house of Herbasium Life wih no side efects.The group have Ayurvedic expertise of five decades.The Company is hallmarked for providing authentic treatments and formulations par excellence.We provide the Medicine in their purest form as we create it with the true essence of Ayurveda and using best modern technology.

  • GMP, ISO Certified Organization with Five Decades of Ayurvedic Expertise
  • Track Record of curing patients from many foreign countries
  • Strict Conformance to WHO standards
  • In-House Research Team headed by Ayurvedic Experts
  • Patented products like Slim Guard, BRIO, etc
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Medicines as per the classical Ayurvedic texts and practice
  • State of the Art Manufacturing facility.
Weight Loss Medicine

Over Weight : A Growing Societal Concern!

The busy schedule and work pressure of the modern world leaves no time for some individuals to care about their dietary habits and physical workouts. At the same time, some others are born with a genetically obese behavior passed on as a hereditary process. Anyhow, both these situations have lead to a scenario, where people are increasingly becoming unfit and over weighed. Today, many are not able to enjoy parties or wear fashionable outfits just because of their bulky body structure. They do not have a choice but keep mum at the mockery of the society. Moreover, medical experts all around the globe have agreed that this same obesity has led many of such people to life-long ailments like hypertension, sexual dysfunction, diabetes, heart diseases, arthritis, back pain, sleep apnea and even cancer in a few cases

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No More Gym, No More Work Out, No More Fasting!Let Others Envy At Your Amazing Body Shape

Slim Guard Consumers Speak!

Manoj Sharma
25 years, Mumbai

"I still can't forget the embarrassment I used to suffer during my college days when my friends called me 'mottu'. Though I countered with harsh words, I avoided people most of the times. I was so frustrated that I even skipped parties and get-togethers. Worst of all, I couldn't even wear modern outfits as they didn't suit my bulging body parts.

It was then that I came across an ad of SLIM GUARD and decided to give a go. Within 5 days itself, I could notice that my trousers were becoming loose. Though I thought it was an illusion, my dresses became loose again and again. My belly which used to look vulgar with deposited fat under the waist started losing fat minute by minute. And today - I can wear anything, I can go anywhere in front of any one and I don't feel ashamed of myself anymore. Its all because of You Slim Guard; Thank You So Much!"

Deepu Sasidharan,
30 years, Kerala

"I never thought that my over weight would become a hindrance for my marriage. I still feel bad to say that I went to see almost 15 girls but none of them liked me for my obese posture. In fact I weighed 100 kgs and it was then I realized that I should reduce my weight. So I joined a health club, but in spite of working out for 1 month, my weight didn't get reduced. It seems I have a genetically obese behavior, as per my doctor.

After a few days, my doctor called me and suggested SLIM GUARD, a 100% natural product from HERBASIUM LIFE. So I bought a pack and took the medicine according to the prescription. And the change was magical! Within one week itself, I started losing weight from my bulging waistline and hipline. My thighs which used to be so fat and my chest which used to hang down began reducing in size. Soon, I found the most beautiful girl of my life and now, after two months of marrying her, I don't have words to explain my gratitude towards SLIM GUARD. You gave me a life SLIM GUARD, Thank You so much!

Thomas Samson,
37 years, Los Angeles

"Due to my busy schedule of business life, I never used to get time for a proper lunch or an exercise. Most often, I had to depend on fast food like burgers, sandwiches, cutlets and all. But I never realized that my food habits were sucking up my life slowly. I feel ashamed to say that just at 35, I surrendered my body to diabetes and cholesterol. Even my legs started paining heavily as they couldn't withstand the weight of my body. Worst of all, I started losing interest in sex and when I tried, I used to collapse soon. Though I knew my life was slipping away, I didn't know what to do, as I can't leave my business behind.

Fortunately, one of my close clients understood my helplessness and bought a SLIM GUARD pack during a tour to Kerala. I started taking it as per the prescription and corrected my diet a bit. The change was unbelievable! I started losing weight from the fifth day, and now after 30 days of using SLIM GUARD, I feel that I am a totally new man. My cholesterol levels have gone down and my diabetes is completely cured. I can walk, I can run, I can dance ? no problems at all. Best of all, I feel a highly renewed vigor and energy in my sexual life. All my problems are solved because of You SLIM GUARD. Thank You so much!

Nikhita Shetty
22 years, Bangalore

"I have always dreamed of looking slim and sexy, but my uncontrolled food habits during my 10 years childhood stay in UAE, never allowed me gain a good and attractive body shape ever since. My body, especially my tummy used to be bulging with over fat and I had too much fat in either side of my hips. Because of all these, I couldn't wear any modern dresses. Even a T-Shirt looked so vulgar on me. I tried so many medicines but all in vain. So I lost all my hope and was cursing myself for my lazy food habits.

It was then that I came across SLIM GUARD and decided to use this medicine once and for all. In fact, it was my last hope, and SLIM GUARD didn't let me down. Within a few days of using it, I started losing fat on both sides of my hip and my tummy was coming back to shape. My spirits were fully up and I continued the medicine as per the prescription. I still can't believe the change! My breasts came in shape and tummy flat. Finally I got that sexy look I was dreaming of. Nowadays, boys ogle, pass comments and propose me each and every time. Though not explicitly, I enjoy them mentally for I feel that I am extremely beautiful now. Slimguard is my true lover who helped me realize my dreams. Thank You Slim Guard, Thank You Herbasium!"

Saniya Wilson
28 years, Delhi

I gained almost 17 Kgs during my pregnancy. I was desperate to lose weight quckly after my delivery but used to be busy with my little daughter as she needed my attention throughout the day so workout was out of the question. I then tried slimguard diet pill because it is naturally made from ayurvedic ingredients and so there is no risk of side effects whatsoever and it allowed me to lose almost 15 Kgs within 3 months time.Thanks to Slimguard that has helped me and today i recommenced slimguard to all my friends.